12 Weeks – Baby #2

[Tuesday, December 16, 2014]

Super Super excited!! I can’t contain my excitement of this new baby! Yesterday was my 12 week appointment and the little one had a heartbeat and I got to see “him” waving his arms! It was such a relief as my previous miscarriage to hear a heartbeat! I also got to speak with the Doctor more about my VBAC option. After the discussion with her I don’t think their office will be able to give me the birth I want. I’m back to a home birth with a midwife. I’m so blessed to have a supportive husband that lets me have the birth I want without any worries.

We announced to the family over Thanksgiving and at our housewarming party. It was so funny how clueless people were especially my parents! I did not end up doing the Christmas announcement I planned because people kept asking if I was pregnant. I of course planned to wait until my second trimester but heard someone mention why not celebrate the the baby and the life they have now. If something did happen at least I’d have the support of all these people! We ended up getting a shirt for Akria that said “Promoted to Big Sister” and then wrote on our chalkboard wall “Tis the season to be preggers.” I love being pregnant and not just for all the free and extra food people give me but because it is really an amazing thing to bring life into this world! Here’s to the countdown…28 weeks left!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: I believe I started at 134 and I weighed in at 138lbs yesterday at the Dr office – 4lbs!

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I’ve been wearing my maternity jeans and leggings since I was around 8 weeks. The bloat has been uncontrollable and I couldn’t fit my regular jeans to begin with LOL

STRETCH MARKS: no extra ones I’ve noticed besides the ones left by Akira

SLEEP: I can only sleep on my left side, which means I never get to see my husband’s face at night because I’m always turned away from him

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: hearing this little one’s heartbeat!

MISS ANYTHING: wine! It’s been so sad LOL not being able to drink during the holidays but I wouldn’t change anything

MOVEMENT: not yet

FOOD CRAVINGS: salt – I’ve been putting salt on everything. I get pickles from Jimmy Johns and add salt to them…I eat tomatoes like they’re going out of style and pack on salt. I know it’s bad so I’m trying to limit myself!

ANYTHING MAKING YOU QUEASY OR SICK: in the mornings I walk around brushing my teeth while packing lunch if I have the toothbrush in my mouth to long I gag! I hate brushing my tongue also but I’m sure that’s a normal way to make you gag when you’re pregnant. Luckily my queasiness is all gone and has been for the last month.

GENDER: we’re planning on waiting until “he” comes out to see…IDK if we’ll make it! We’re both wanting a boy but of course happy with either


SYMPTOMS: heartburn, bloating and extreme sense of smell…oh and the discharge! Ugh I swear it is the worse! I told my Dr they need to come up with a discharge blocker because I’m so tired of wearing liners! If that was TMI for you then you’ve never been pregnant!

MOOD: elated!


BELLY BUTTON: still in


Another Baby Young on the way!

[Wednesday, October 22, 2014]

OMG!! So I’m writing this post on October 22nd but you guys won’t see it until the New Year…hahaha! I am beyond excited to learn that Leon and I will be having another baby!

My period was 3 days late and I really didn’t think anything of it since one of my calendars said she wasn’t coming until Thursday but Fertility Friend kept insisting that I test. I headed out to the Dollar Store and tested at work, lol yes in the work bathroom! I wanted to get it over with so I could record “negative test.”

I’ve been tempting for a couple months now and it’s been going perfect. Fertility Friend was worth the money and she has always been correct so why didn’t I wanna test? I think deep down I knew that I was pregnant. Last Friday I text Leon saying I’m pregnant because I’ve been eating a lot of broccoli. Yes it was a joke but maybe deep down…way deep down lol I knew!


Back to the test…while I’m washing and drying my hands I couldn’t stop thinking of peeking at the test. I look over with one eye closed, I don’t know why?? And there it was…TWO PINK LINES! I couldn’t stop smiling but then I remembered I’m in the work bathroom and people are probably gonna wonder what I’m doing in there so long! I slip the test in my purse, head in my office and shut the door. I take a picture immediately and send to my husband, he thinks I’m joking! He make me send a picture with my face and the test together hahaha!

So there it is…we are now gonna be mama and dada to another bundle of joy!

Boy or Girl? I really have no preference. A boy would be nice because I don’t have one but a girl would be great too so Akira has a little mini.

How Far Along Are You? I will be 4 weeks tomorrow! (1 month down…8 more to go) but when you guys read this I’ll be 14 weeks, a little over 3 months 🙂

Do You Have Any Names? Umm…not really! I have a notepad with names but I haven’t even thought about it!

She’s Here!! My Birth Story!!


Our baby girl has finally arrived.  Akira Taelor was born April 6th at 4am on the dot.  It was a journey but it was worth all the stress and struggle.

On Thursday, April 4th I had an appointment with my midwife for my 38 week check up.  That morning I woke up feeling like my face was swollen.  I sent my husband a picture and he said it looked fine.  I made it to my appointment on time for the first time since my first appointment!  When I took my weight I had gained 6lbs, since my appointment the week before.  When the nurse took my blood pressure it was 160/100, which was bad.  They had me try and relax and took it three more times and each time it was high.  All the while I had a feeling this was a bad sign but still held hope when my midwife came in.  Eventually my midwife came in and told me she was sending me to the hospital.  She wanted them to check me out and hook me up to the machines.  UGH!!  She said they may make me stay and deliver my baby and this was a huge shocker to me.  My day had started off so normal and now I was headed to the hospital to may or may not deliver my baby.  I text my husband to let him know I was going to the hospital and he was a nervous wreck.  My phone only had a 20% charge and he kept texting me.  He was asking what’s wrong, why can’t my midwife fix it…shoot I didn’t know what the problem was I was just following instructions!

I called my cousin and told her to ride with me to get checked out.  I really didn’t think my high BP and swollen feet were anything to stress about so I stopped for lunch at Jimmy Johns.  I know what could be worse than a sub full of salt when you’re going to get your BP checked.  We got to the hospital and within 30 minutes I was in a room in triage.  They found protein in my urine so that combined with the high BP and swollen feet left the Dr. coming in and telling me that she would induce me and start me on magnesium and pitocin.  There I was with my vision of a water birth going down the drain.  I was devastated but nervous and excited all at the same time.  Here I was about to have my baby girl!  The Dr. went ahead and checked me to see how far dilated I was.  I was 3cm dilated so she swept my membranes to help the process.  I called my husband, my mother and my doula…it was GO time!

With my arm hooked to the IV and my husband by my side I was wheeled up to my delivery room.  My mom and doula met us up there and we immediately got to work.  My doula had my husband and I begin exercises to help bring on my labor.  The Dr. decided to let me try and go into labor on my own with pitocin so we had work to do.  We danced, I bounced on the ball and we even tried nipple stimulation.  When the Dr. came back to check I was 5cm dilated…talk about the excitement level rising!  Within a couple hours I had advanced to 5cm, 80% effacement and I was at a -1 station.  We were all expecting a baby within hours and we didn’t get that.

Friday afternoon came and still no baby.  I was getting worried that progress was not happening.  I was still at 5cm and feeling down.  My doula encouraged us to continue with our exercises but nothing helped the process.  The Dr. came and checked me and my water was bulging.  She decided to break my water and that gush was the best feeling I’ve felt in my life!  Once my water was broke I was started on the pitocin and the fun began.  I swear within 10 minutes of them breaking my water I began feeling contractions.  The pitocin was on 20 and I started feeling like I was going to die!!  The contractions were 0 minutes apart and starting piggy backing on each other.  I got no break to take a breath and the pain was unbearable.  All I could think of was my birth plan that I had reviewed with my husband a million times.  The biggest thing on their was NO epidural unless it was an emergency….well this had become an emergency.  All I could see was red and all I could feel was my body dying.  I really felt like I was about to die.  I begged and pleaded with God lol but nothing helped.  I blamed my husband and told him this was all his fault because he got me pregnant.  Then it hit me…I wanted an epidural…I needed that epidural!  I cried telling my husband don’t be mad at me because I couldn’t take the pain.  My mother and doula tried to encourage me to not get it.  They all kept telling me what a good job I was doing but it didn’t matter.  The pain of the contractions had taken over my mind and I was determined to get that epidural.  Within minutes my knights in shining armor came with the epidural.

The one rule with getting an epidural is you have to sit still through the contractions.  I didn’t care what I had to do I just wanted the pain gone!  It’s amazing how I was able to stay still to get the epidural but I couldn’t handle the contractions.  20 minutes later the epidural was in and I was in heaven.  The downside was now my contractions had slowed way down and we ended up back where we were…no progress pass 5cm.  Later Friday night the Dr. came in to discuss my option of a c-section.  I wasn’t ready to give up that fast so we asked for another hour to see if I could dilate anymore.  Well that hour came and nothing happened…I was still 5 cm.  I sat there wondering why did all my plans go awry.  Why couldn’t I get the birth I wanted but then I realized all I wanted was Akira.  I told the doctor ok and they began prepping.

30 minutes later I was being rolled into surgery.  When they rolled me into the room all I saw was bright lights and people.  It was so many people in there and I realized just how serious this was…I was about to undergo major surgery.  They wouldn’t let Leon in until they were fully prepped.  15 minutes later he walked in and sat down next to me.  All I remember is him saying she’s almost here and then I heard her cries.  Despite the terrible pain I was feeling from not being fully numb it all went away in that moment.  When Leon brought Akira to me that was the most perfect moment in my life.  I couldn’t believe that this 6lb 7oz human just came out of me.

All the ups and downs and pains and hurts were worth it.  God blessed Leon and I.



37 Weeks


I am officially FULL TERM!!  Hallelujah!  Time is really dwindling and I’m so happy that the end is near.  I can’t wait to meet Akira and can’t wait to be done.  I’ve had an easy pregnancy but the weight gain kills me!  I can’t function this size and I can barely get comfortable to sleep.  Finally this week I had some relief though in the sleeping department.  Wednesday and last night I had the best sleep I’ve experienced in months!  I only got up to pee once which is amazing!

At my appointment yesterday I found out I have the Strep B strain so during labor I’ll be injected every four hours to keep Akira safe.  It doesn’t seem like a huge deal but without that injection it is very serious.  It seems like when you’re pregnant you find out all kinds of stuff is wrong with you smh.  Despite that news everything else came back clear with my last cultures of this pregnancy.  Akira is doing well and growing well.  I’m measuring perfect and her heartbeat is great!  She’s still head down and kicking me ever so enthusiastically!  I guessed Akira would come on April 2nd because that’s when my parents, grandmother and brother will all be out of town.  It would just seem like she’d pick that time to come LOL.  My midwife doubts that it will happen so….here’s to another 2+ weeks of her in my belly!

So excited that I got to speak with my doula this week.  We meet on Tuesday to go over everything.  All of this is really happening!!

This week Leon and I got our room fixed up and the computer room prepared for Akira.  We still have to get the carpet cleaned or do whatever we decide to do whether clean or replace the carpet.  I’ve set up her dresser and changing table/pad.  I washed all the rest of her clothes and have put them away.  Still need to get a bookcase to put up the cloth diapers because they need to be stored.

I keep seeing they say you don’t feel the baby move as much the further along you get because of the lack of space BUT….to me Akira has been moving way more than ever.  I don’t know if it’s because of the lack of space I can feel every movement.  I feel her feet all the time and just rub them out of my rib area so she can move.  Ugh I can’t wait for her to come out so I can see her LOL.

Getting my hair braided next week so that will be one less thing I gotta worry about when Akira comes!  Don’t know how happy I’ll be sitting for about 5 hours to get it done though.

As of today we have 16 days till our EDD! 🙂

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: up 34lbs now

MATERNITY CLOTHES: nothing fits comfortably anymore

STRETCH MARKS: my thighs aren’t getting worse marks so that’s a good thing

SLEEP: Wednesday and Thursday night I had the best sleep I’ve had in months

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: finishing up the dresser/changing table

MISS ANYTHING: drinking! Yes, I said it I’d love to have a margarita right now!

MOVEMENT: all the time

FOOD CRAVINGS: none – got my PF Changs last night thanks to the hubby




SYMPTOMS:  sore vaginal area, swollen feet and exhaustion

MOOD: relaxed



LOOKING FORWARD TO: meeting with my doula

36 Weeks

photo 5(5)

Ok, so I know I’m super late with this post because I’m already 37 weeks now.  Lets just say things have been busy!!

My husband and I had our orientation class for giving birth at the birthing center and I must say it has me relaxed.  I’m so excited about how this will all happen and can’t wait to experience that moment when I push Akira out!  I got a lot of helpful little tips and I’m excited about my breastfeeding class this week.

Thursday I took one of Akira’s god moms with me to my midwife appointment.  I got my last cultures done and won’t be having to get my blood drawn anymore!  It’s all a waiting game now from now.  I got checked and my cervix is soft and I’m dilated 1cm!  Yay for progress.  I also noticed Akira dropped a little so that’s progress also.


Our baby shower was such a success!  I have absolutely everything!  I could use another car seat base for my husband’s SUV but that’s it.  I’m so happy with everyone that came and how it turned out.  I was exhausted after though…like completely done!  Gonna make a shutterfly book with our maternity photos ( http://jfuturent.smugmug.com/Photography/Nichole-Young-maternity/28413795_Kq65XG) and the baby shower photos.

photo 3(8)photo 2(8)

hmm…what else is there…oh yea I got my boobies measured!  LOL I’m not a DDD!  Insane!  I also made my fleece liners for the diapers and my padsicles for after I give birth.

I’m just busy getting everything together and getting our room together for Akira.  It’s almost time!!  (I picked for her to come April 2nd because it would be my luck that she’d come when my parents and brother are out of town!)

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 32lbs and I feel each lb!

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I wish I could go naked!

STRETCH MARKS: my poor upper thighs look disgusting

SLEEP: if I didn’t have to worry about peeing every 30 mins I’d be good

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: my baby shower

MISS ANYTHING: being able to lotion myself and not have to take a nap after because it required so much energy

MOVEMENT: all the time

FOOD CRAVINGS: still want my spicy noodles from PF Changs



LABOR SIGNS: back pain and cramping

SYMPTOMS:  sore vaginal area, swollen hands and feet and exhaustion

MOOD: anxious



LOOKING FORWARD TO: breastfeeding class and midwife appointment

35 Weeks

Not much excitement going on this week just another one down!  I started cramping on Wednesday night which later on my Dr. appointment I found out are mild contractions/Braxton Hicks.  They’re very random and only come at night right now.  I’m so excited that I’m getting close!!!  I packed my bag and gotta start getting stuff for my husband, like swim shorts.  Akira’s bag is getting packed today minus her coming home outfit.  My husband and I have a list of to-do items for Sunday that must get done.  Next week I’m going to my prenatal massage and I have 2 classes.  I have my regular childbirth class and then my class to teach me about giving birth at the center!! I’m so excited to learn what to expect and get my doula!  I also start going to the Dr. every week now so I’ll have an appointment next week and will do all my cultures.  Time is really ticking and the end is coming and I’m so happy about that! photo 2(6)

This week I really wanted some sushi so I indulged myself with ONE roll.  Yes, I don’t think I’ve ever gone and just got one roll but I had to discipline myself.  I still want that PF Changs and chimichanga though LOL.  Food wise I don’t think I’ve been eating that much so I really believe most of my weight is baby weight.  I can’t believe I’ve gained 30lbs.  That’s insane to me.  I feel the weight gain every time I bend down because it kills my knees.

I’m so excited for my shower tomorrow and to see my friends!  Can’t wait!photo 3(6)

Well I gotta go…got a lot going on and plenty to do!  I’m in my last month and we have 30 days left! Hallelujah!

Oh…can’t wait to share my maternity photos!  Look out for those next week! 🙂

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 30lbs – I can’t believe I’ve gained so much!

MATERNITY CLOTHES: bought some gowns from Walmart which have come in handy to wear around the house

STRETCH MARKS: on my upper thighs…started using the olive oil!

SLEEP: I’ve had insomnia almost every night this week

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: having all Akira’s godmoms get their packages


MOVEMENT: all the time

FOOD CRAVINGS: no cravings but I want some garlic noodles from PF Changs extra spicy with steak and shrimp and a chimichanga



LABOR SIGNS: cramping (aka braxton hicks)

SYMPTOMS:  sore vaginal area, swollen hands and feet and exhaustion




LOOKING FORWARD TO: my shower tomorrow and my class next week

34 Weeks

photo 1(4)Well this week has been a semi-fun week that included a lot of new experiences!  My husband and I attended our first childbirth class and I must say it was interesting.  I don’t know if the people were more interesting than the stuff we learned though LOL.  In class our teacher taught Leon how to give me a massage and the different areas to touch.  It was fun and he’s tired to give it to me one time since and let’s just say….I have an appointment with Woodhouse next week LOL.  We have class for the rest of the month and then we have our orientation for the birth center.  I’m really excited about that orientation because I’ll learn everything that will go on when I’m giving birth!  I’ve bought my items for my bag and have to get a couple more things for Akira’s baby bag.  I’m so close and I can’t wait to see her!

photo 4(6)I’ve only given one of the Godmom’s their package smh I’m slacking!  Gotta get to finishing the frames and mailing them off by tomorrow.  I’m going to Michael’s today to get the rest of the items.

photo 3(5)photo 2(5)I washed all of my cloth diapers, prefolds, covers  and inserts this week!  It was a lot of took a lot of time.  I stripped them all first and then washed the whole lot.  Stuffing wasn’t bad with the Bumgenius diapers but the Fuzzibunz are harder to stuff.  In all I have 97 items for my fluff stash and I still want a couple more BG 4.0s.

photo 5(4)OMG our maternity photos were so fun!  They came out really good BUT I noticed just how humungous I am and how fat my face is!  I see myself everyday but I don’t notice that I’m so large.  Well after getting my hair and makeup done and putting on a maternity dress I saw it!  The pictures are really cute though with my husband and I…and Akira in my belly.  The props worked out good too so I’m happy about that.

Next week I have my childbirth class, Dr. appointment and my baby shower!! So fun…fun..fun!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: scale at home says 149 so we’ll see the official gain at my Dr. appointment

MATERNITY CLOTHES: struggling these last couple weeks with no clothes!

STRETCH MARKS: on my upper thighs but no where else yet

SLEEP: never get that anymore

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: having one of Akira’s Godmom’s accept our request and taking maternity photos

MISS ANYTHING: putting on lotion with ease

MOVEMENT: all the time





SYMPTOMS:  sore vaginal area, swollen hands and feet and exhaustion

MOOD: happy

WEDDING RINGS: off – forced them on for the maternity photos

BELLY BUTTON: still in

LOOKING FORWARD TO: my shower on Saturday!

36 days left!

33 Weeks

This week was a good week.  I have been feeling good besides the exhaustion and my poor sore vaginal area.  It’s so hard to walk because my hips hurt and my vaginal area is sore beyond belief!!  I had my dr appointment again this week since I’ve been going every two weeks.  It was the fastest appointment I’ve had ever because it’s really nothing but a waiting game now.  I can’t wait till I go and they actually check my cervix!  I’m hoping that might happen at my next appointment…IDK why I’m excited about that LOL.  My next appointment will also be my last time going every two weeks and I’ll start going every week which makes me realize how close I am to having Akira in my arms!  I can’t believe I’ve gained 26.5lbs but I really do believe it’s mostly in my boobs and belly because I’m not really bigger anywhere else.  I also don’t think the measurements are really accurate because it doesn’t take into account how much my clothes weigh…listen I’m trying to come up with an excuse on why I gained so much weight LOL.

I have my maternity photo shoot next week and I’m so excited!  I wanted to have a couple props and went on etsy to order….now I’m thinking I should get my own etsy shop and sell what I make!  photo 4(1) photo 5(1)I made some blocks with Akira’s name and a canvas to hang above her crib.  They both came out great…now my husband wants to do one to prove that he can do better smh.  So if you or anyone is interested let me know because I can create one for you!  My husband and I also decided on Godparents.  photo 1Akira will have two Godmoms and a separate couple as her Godparents…if they all say yes.  I wanted a creative way to ask them so I made these frames and put a special poem in them asking.  We’ll see what they say!  So this week has been a crafty week 🙂

My mother has been crocheting for a couple months now and has finished one of Akira’s blankets.  She’s still working on the last one, which is orange and blue (Go Gators!) and now a boob beanie!  I can’t wait to wear my boob beanie when Akira’s breastfeeding in public haha.  I’m also in the process of working on her coming home outfit.  I have a lady who is making the gown for me and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 26.5lbs smh…I am now 150.5lbs.  My husband felt my breasts and said they have to weigh at least 10lbs alone lol

MATERNITY CLOTHES: my gap maternity leggins are the only thing that fits…I have no shirts now so decided to hit up Target clearance.  I got a couple for $5 to last me these couple weeks

STRETCH MARKS: I’m sad to say I got some marks on my upper thighs 😦

SLEEP: smh really haven’t had a full nights rest in months due to this excessive peeing and not being able to get comfortable

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: making my items for Akira


MOVEMENT: she doesn’t stop

FOOD CRAVINGS: not a craving but I really wanted some Krispy Kreme donuts and garlic crabs




SYMPTOMS:  sore vaginal area and my fingers are swollen everyday

MOOD: anxious


BELLY BUTTON: it’s still in so I’m guessing it won’t pop out

LOOKING FORWARD TO: washing my cloth diapers next week…Eeek!!

32 Weeks!

photo 1

This week has been full of cleaning and rearranging.  I spent a couple days…and I’m still not done…cleaning up the computer room and our room for Akira’s arrival.  I had to get a lot of the wedding stuff packed away first though.  Then I decided to clear out my room and boy has that been a task!  I save EVERYTHING!  I had my preschool graduation certificate, report cards from 7-12th grade and even old notes from middle school from friends.  photo 3

I guess I could be considered some type of hoarder, but not nasty like on A&E!  I made the decision to get rid of it all and it was very hard!  I’m not done clearing our room yet but I’ve made a lot of progress.  My husband even built an extra shelf in the closet so that gives us more space when we change dressers.  I’m getting rid of my dresser I’ve had since I was 3 and will be using it for Akira’s changing table/dresser.  We’re getting a new one from Ikea that will be slimmer and give us more space in the room to fit her crib.

photo 4

I’ve become a cloth/fluff addict.  Every morning I wake up I’m looking for more fluff to buy, it’s becoming ridiculous and taking all my money LOL.  I find such good deals that I can’t pass them up.  I know the post lady wonders what I have going on when she delivers my packages and has to use a postal carton LOL.  photo 2I love my stash so far and can’t wait to see it grow more!  I still want some more Bumgenius 4.0s, wool and fleece covers and maybe even a Sbish.

Well here’s to 32 weeks down 🙂

photo 5

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 148 – according to my at home scale

MATERNITY CLOTHES: my gap maternity leggins…my Jessica Simpson maternity jeans are a little too tight!


SLEEP: whenever I get comfortable which is usually 2-3 hours after getting in bed


MISS ANYTHING: sleeping in

MOVEMENT: party in my belly day and night





SYMPTOMS:  my vajayjay is so sore

MOOD: relaxed


BELLY BUTTON: still in

LOOKING FORWARD TO: my checkup next week

31 Weeks

Another week down and I’m so ready for this all to be over!  I know I’ve been saying that but it’s the truth.  It’s been so hard for me gaining 20lbs.  I can’t function like this and to know I’m going to gain more…UGH!! :-/


This past week was good though because I had my appointment with my midwife.  This was my first time going on a Thursday which is the designated day for us delivering at the birth center.  I must say it’s nicer to be there with less people and I get to spend more time with the ladies and Jennie.  I was able to turn in all my paperwork, including the application for the birth certificate.  I am proud to announce that I finally picked a name!! I put so much effort into choosing a name that I thought would be perfect and have a great meaning and I believe I did that. (Sorry for the run on sentences!) Our baby girl’s name will be Akira Taelor! I love it and I love the meaning for Akira, she’ll definitely live up to her name!  At the appointment Akira was definitely not feeling like being messed with but like always Jennie got her to cooperate.  I am glad to say she is head down!! I also got to feel her legs which was nothing but amazing.

image(12) image(13)

Can you say FLUFF MAIL!! I love getting fluff mail!  For those of you who don’t know we have decided to cloth diaper Akira.  I was planning on doing disposables for the first three months but I’ve changed my mind.  We’ll be doing cloth all the way from the beginning.  This week I’ve purchased so much fluff through online cloth diaper companies and different b/s/t groups.  The fluff is too cute and I can’t wait to see Akira in it!  I’m still missing my prefolds and a couple from my stash but so far I have about 89 cloth diapers, this includes the prefolds.


Oh….Akira’s grandma bought her a puppy LOL.  Yes, a puppy for  her to grow up with!  He’s a shorkie and his name is Ziggy and he’s a trip!  We’ll see how it goes with a puppy and a baby!

No bump picture this week…just know my belly is bigger LOL!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 144lbs so that’s a total of 20lbs

MATERNITY CLOTHES: still in my leggins..my maternity jeans are a little too tight now


SLEEP: the third trimester insomnia has kicked in

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: learning that baby girl is head down

MISS ANYTHING: not breathing like a 500lb man

MOVEMENT: non stop

FOOD CRAVINGS: none still




SYMPTOMS:  pain in my lower region…lol they say it’s my bones softening for labor

MOOD: anxious


BELLY BUTTON: still only the top part sticking out

LOOKING FORWARD TO: birth classes next month!