39 Weeks – Baby #2

Can you believe I’m 39 weeks?!? I can’t!


19 Weeks – Baby #2

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 140lbs..so 6lbs gained so far MATERNITY CLOTHES: All of my pants are maternity. I just ordered a maternity swimsuit…lol it should be interesting! STRETCH MARKS: no extra ones SLEEP: The hip pain has started back so it’s hard to get comfortable on either side..and I’ve been peeing all night! BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: having Akira […]

14 Weeks – Baby #2

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: scale says 135lbs so that would mean I lost weight MATERNITY CLOTHES: Still in my maternity jeans and tights, they keep me comfortable STRETCH MARKS: none that I’ve noticed yet SLEEP: Once I fall asleep I’m fine but getting to sleep is so difficult if I’m bloated BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: announcing to everyone MISS ANYTHING: being […]