39 Weeks – Baby #2

Can you believe I’m 39 weeks?!? I can’t, I never made it this far with Akira so it is pretty exciting to me! I’ve had so much go on and now I can relax and just wait on baby to come. I had my last wedding on Saturday and it went excellent! I can now officially give birth!

Yesterday I had my chiropractor appointment, which I always feel great after, and my midwife appointment. I found out that baby is in the optimal fetal position, LOA, which is so amazing! My midwife and I discussed using the word intensity over pain when it comes to labor. It is all new to me so it will be an experience. I am really not worried about the intensity as much as I am embracing the experience. I know labor is work and because of that I’m not bothered…lol right now! I have been doing all my exercises given to me by my doulas and midwife as I am trying to be as prepared as possible!

After my appointment yesterday I headed home because I left some cantaloupe on the counter and I didn’t want it to spoil. I got home and suddenly felt like my stomach was going to explode…and then I pooped. I swear it came out of nowhere! I spent my whole day yesterday running to the toilet…and then I decided to eat a whole pineapple which I heard gives you the poops and can help with your cervix to start labor. I spent the majority of the day going from my birth ball to the bathroom and had braxton hicks/contractions all day. They didn’t intensify or get closer together so baby has decided “he” is not ready.

We’ve finally picked a boy name, which we will announce once baby is born. No girl name still so that means no girl needs to slide out LOL.

The house is getting a real cleaning tomorrow and I’m so happy it doesn’t have to be done by me. We’re preparing the space for the baby in our room and I’ve also cleared out space in Akira’s room for when “he” moves out of our room. My aunt got me a mini crib, which is like a mini pack and play/bassinet, that Leon will put together today. I still have a couple items on my birth list to get like bleach, snacks for the midwife and doulas, heating pad….and then I have stuff I still need to get for the baby like some more medela bottles and nipples (I thought I had from Akira but I guess I did not save them!), a ring sling (going to purchase one from Cynthia K.), some swaddles (I seriously need to purchase these soon!), and a bathtub! I did not have a shower…or sprinkle this time because I had a wedding booked that day so I need to get these items myself ASAP! As I sit here typing I really should go and order it from Amazon smh…but I won’t LOL because I’m a procrastinator.

Thursday is my 30th birthday. I really cannot believe I’m going to be 30, at least I accomplished everything from my 5 year plan. I’m still disappointed that I have absolutely nothing planned and it will be like any other day…and if you know me you know I like to celebrate my birthday! Ah well I guess those are the things that come along with kids.

Hopefully the next time I blog it will be because baby #2 is here! *cross those fingers*

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 159lbs – 25lbs gained

MATERNITY CLOTHES: of course, I’m actually running out of things to wear because even the maternity clothes aren’t fitting anymore

STRETCH MARKS: way more than with Akira!

SLEEP: Huh? What is sleep? Seriously I feel like I can never get enough but I can’t sleep in either

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: finding out baby is in the perfect birthing position

MISS ANYTHING: my hips not hurting all the time

MOVEMENT: I feel rolls now not so much kicking…even though “he” did kick me in my ribs last week



GENDER: we’ll know soon!

LABOR SIGNS: yup a lot of braxton hicks (having one right now!)…and diarrhea (ugh)

SYMPTOMS: I heard diarrhea is a symptom so we’ll see lol

MOOD: anxious and excited


BELLY BUTTON: it’s poking out just a little bit

LOOKING FORWARD TO: baby coming soon!


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