37 Weeks – Baby #2

Crazy that know that I am finally 37 weeks! Crazy to know that with Akira I had her at 38 weeks! Crazy to know that with Akira I had gained 34lbs by this week and this baby I just made it to 20. Crazy to know that this is all so real and happening very soon! It’s all just crazy…but that is how pregnancy goes.

I’ve started meeting my midwife every week now and we had a successful home visit last week. Baby’s back is to my side so we just need him to continue moving and get that back to my belly and we’ll be good. He’s head down (don’t mind me saying he, it’s still a mystery!) and in a good position there’s just a better position he should be in. My midwife has given me a lot of exercises to do to help in him moving and I started visiting the chiropractor today. I’m taking all the necessary steps to give myself a VBAC.

My insurance is sending me a letter this week to let me know the status of my appeal, I can’t wait for it to be over and done with because it has me stressed. I’m trying to keep my stress levels down so my BP can stay down but geez I need the insurance company to get it together! Next week I need an answer because time is definitely ticking. Paying out of pocket has been hard but it will be nice to know I don’t owe anyone.

I’m ready for this baby to come anytime after next weekend!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 154lbs – 20lbs up

MATERNITY CLOTHES: maternity dresses are life savers especially in this Florida heat!

STRETCH MARKS: Yes all around but I’m not concerned, I’ll still put on my bikini

SLEEP: I can’t get comfortable but once I do I’m out, until I have to pee or until my hips start hurting and I have to switch sides

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: reaching full term!

MISS ANYTHING: I could definitely use some wine or a margarita!

MOVEMENT: non-stop craziness going on in my belly, this hiccups are the craziest because it’s just constant



GENDER: we’re still team green!

LABOR SIGNS: been having some braxton hicks

SYMPTOMS: crampy feelings

MOOD: stressed and anxious


BELLY BUTTON: it’s not going to come out, it’s just sitting on the surface of my belly

LOOKING FORWARD TO: 38 weeks and not having to go into work


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