33 Weeks – Baby #2

Here’s to me being happy about my delivery again!

You know what sucks, unexpected expenses! Got my bill for our home birth and it really crushed me. I mean I knew this was the route I wanted to take but in the beginning of this pregnancy I wasn’t expecting to have to pay for EVERYTHING out of pocket. I just got a call from the pharmacy that a shot I have to get is ready and it is $178….Ugh! Even though the costs get me down I can’t help but be excited because I am so close to meeting this baby and getting the birth I deserve. It’s sad that I’ve had to go through so much just to give birth naturally. I normally wouldn’t do this but I decided why not…I’ve gone ahead and gotten a Go Fund Me account. The worse is we raise no money and I don’t mind trying to get what little we can get, seriously people have reached their goals to go on spring break and all kinds of unnecessary things. So here’s to hoping!

I had my first appointment this week with my home birth midwife and it was great! I got to feel the baby’s head, which is head down and we did some exercise to get baby to turn the correct way. Notice how I keep saying baby LOL because we still have no boy or girl names lined up! My midwife has me doing and taking a lot of natural vitamins and probiotics and it’s just what I want. I hate the thought of filling my body with chemicals and starting this baby on all kinds of drugs. Our next appointment will be a home visit so I need to start collecting my supplies ASAP!

This pregnancy has been excellent, I have no swelling and no huge weight gain. I’ve been eating way better and moving around way more. the goal is to keep healthy so I can birth this baby naturally!

Here’s the gofundme link if you’re interested: http://www.gofundme.com/uycnmg

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 151lbs – 17lbs up

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I don’t know anything that is not maternity! I love the comfort of my maternity clothes!

STRETCH MARKS: Yes, I see them coming up all over my tummy but I could care less this time around

SLEEP: I’ve been dealing with insomnia and have been exhausted. Around 2-3pm I just want to crawl under my desk and nap

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: meeting with my new midwife


MOVEMENT: all the time and the hiccups are really constant and count as movement because it keeps my tummy jumping



GENDER: we’re still team green!


SYMPTOMS: oh my poor vagina muscles, my cervix is softening I’ve been told but geez it hurts so much to walk

MOOD: happy and anxious

WEDDING RINGS: on…well my wedding band (still haven’t located my engagement ring)

BELLY BUTTON: it’s not in but not out, it’s just sitting on the surface LOL

LOOKING FORWARD TO: my next midwife appointment


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