32 Weeks – Baby #2

Home birth is back on! Sometimes you meet people that are the right people and tell you the right things…that is exactly what my doula did for me! My doula encouraged me to go back to the midwife and try and see what we could work out so that I could attempt to get the birth I envisioned. Today I met with the midwife and I am back on to get my HBAC! I am so excited and was so happy when I met her, she is such a sweet person. We went over a lot of information and I am beyond ready for the experience. (And please keep your comments to yourself because I could care less if you think I should have my baby at home!)

Meeting my doula was amazing also because she was so down to earth and had so many tips and ideas. I am so happy I found her and that she will be with me and teach me so much. I’m meeting with the birth photographer next week because really who wants to have an amazing experience like a home birth and not document it?!?

Here’s to me being happy about my delivery again!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 150lbs – 16lbs up

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I found a bunch of dress pants and dresses that I bought before that will definitely come in handy these last couple weeks

STRETCH MARKS: since I can’t see them I’ll say they aren’t there, well at least not anymore than I had

SLEEP: I don’t know what that word is. I seriously have such a hard time falling asleep and I wake so easily these days

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: meeting with my new midwife that will help me accomplish my HBAC goal!


MOVEMENT: all the time, I would seriously believe that there is more than one baby in there

FOOD CRAVINGS: watermelon


GENDER: I’ve been saying boy but thinking what if she’s really a she

LABOR SIGNS: braxton hicks every now and then, especially at night

SYMPTOMS: my vagina muscles are so sore and I had lightening crotch the other day…seriously holy HE double hockey sticks!

MOOD: the weight gain has been difficult and it’s been hard adjusting to doing things outside the house this time around. With Akira I was at home but this has been a change

WEDDING RINGS: off and I still haven’t found my engagement ring

BELLY BUTTON: not all the way out yet

LOOKING FORWARD TO: meeting the birth photographer


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