30 Weeks – Baby #2

Pregnancy is NOT easy! While I love being pregnant, IDK why I just feel extra beautiful, but it is definitely hard. The weight gain alone has me down. I can’t just roll over in bed or jump up to pee, it takes real work. Not complaining, just stating the facts.

This pregnancy has also been a roller coaster. Every time I think things are good something pops up. I am now back to having my VBAC at the hospital, too much round and round with the insurance company so I won’t be having that home birth after all. In the beginning I was so frustrated with the insurance company and actually cried but now I’m content with my birth option and just want to have a TOLAC and hopefully a successful VBAC. I hate the constant battle I have to go through to have a vaginal birth. In a couple weeks I have to go the hospital for a consultation, for them to basically say yes or no. I’m not going to dwell on it right now, I’m just working on maintaining my healthy pregnancy so they have no reason to try and say no.

I’m meeting a doula tomorrow who I’m pretty convinced I will hire. When we spoke I immediately felt like she was the one, and she has come highly recommended. My goal was to have someone who has VBAC experience at the hospital because I have heard that it is sometimes a battle there.

All in all this was a good week, 10 weeks (give or take) to go! I was measuring a month ahead at my 28 week appointment but now I’m just a week ahead so we’re back on schedule!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 149lbs..15lbs gained

MATERNITY CLOTHES: that’s all I wear these days, thankfully I’ve gotten a lot of cute dresses at Target. Crazy thing is I would never spend that much on a dress if I wasn’t pregnant!

STRETCH MARKS: I’m sure they’re there I just can’t see them, my view is somewhat impaired these days

SLEEP: I can just cry because I cannot get comfortable and it sucks! I’ve tried everything, I’m really at the point of who created sleep anyway?!

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: hearing this little one’s heartbeat at my appointment with the midwife


MOVEMENT: always, I swear it feels like this baby has 50 arms and legs because my stomach is always moving 100 different ways



GENDER: all the old people I meet say BOY

LABOR SIGNS: the braxton hicks have begun

SYMPTOMS: hip pain, my vagina muscles are so sore and hurt like heck and those braxton hicks get my tummy so tight

MOOD: I’m truly exhausted, it’s really hard to function off a little sleep and have these extra pounds weigh me down

WEDDING RINGS: off, and I lost my engagement ring 😦

BELLY BUTTON: piece is sticking out lol

LOOKING FORWARD TO: meeting my doula this week!


4 thoughts on “30 Weeks – Baby #2

  1. We thought about having a doula, but in the end we couldn’t afford it. We’re hoping the midwives at the hospital will be able to get us through delivery (we’ll see).

    And good luck getting the VBAC. I’ve heard doctors are sometimes reluctant to agree to a vbac, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

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