22 Weeks – Baby #2

Things have been looking up for me doctor wise, which is very good! I am back to seeing my midwife that I had with Akira and in May I will switch over to my midwife for my HBAC (Home Birth After C-section). I have improved on my eating habits and my exercise habits. I’m really trying to do everything I can to have the birth I want. I am looking into hypnobirthing and I’m anxious to see exactly what it’s all about.

I will be headed out of the country in a couple weeks, yes 24 weeks pregnant haha. I can’t wait to be on vacation and enjoy my family. I guarantee that I will have gained approximately 5lbs from the food I plan on eating! Since I will be in the Caribbean and doing a lot of walking I looked into getting some shorts, maternity of course. Target had some which I ended up getting a good deal on for $18. They’re a little saggy but I’m sure I’ll fill them out in a couple weeks.

I had my appointment with my midwife last week and got the paperwork to get my anatomy scan done, little did I know I’d be able to do it the same day. I asked my husband if he was okay with not being there since we aren’t finding out the sex anyway and he was fine with it. I actually slept through the scan LOL, it’s that 2-3pm window! At the end the tech showed me the baby and the heart and I was overjoyed. She knew I didn’t want to know the sex so she only showed me belly up. Looking at the picture of the face (mouth and nose) it looks NOTHING like Akira did. The lips and nose are so big LOL! To me the picture looks like a boy but really who can tell from an ultrasound?!?!


image (3)

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 144lbs..10lbs gained

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I got a couple maternity tanks for vacation and I wish I had all maternity shirts, they aren’t snug and are so comfortable! My swimsuit is so funny looking on me LOL but it fits, thanks ASOS!

STRETCH MARKS: no extra ones I can see

SLEEP: It is so hard to get comfortable some nights. I have slept straight up for 2 nights straight because of my acid reflux

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: getting my anatomy scan done and seeing a healthy baby

MISS ANYTHING: being able to take allergy medicine

MOVEMENT: so very much! I don’t think Akira moved around like this so early on.



GENDER: my bet is on a boy


SYMPTOMS: hip pain, acid reflux, just plain tired around 2-3pm

MOOD: happy

WEDDING RINGS: on but they were off last week, they’re beginning to irritate me sometimes

BELLY BUTTON: it’s not in but it’s not all the way out yet

LOOKING FORWARD TO: getting this maternity swimsuit!


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