17 Weeks – Baby #2

So I’m behind a week, I’ll actually be 18 weeks tomorrow! Seriously the time has been flying now!

This past week has been a busy one with work, a bridal show and a wedding! It was my first time being noticeably pregnant and working a wedding. Everything went well without a hitch which I was very pleased with. I did notice that I got tired very fast and I need to carry a lot of water next time. Once I got home my hips were hurting very bad. I attempted to pick up Akira and almost fell because it felt like one of my hips went out! Gotta work on walking so that each wedding won’t be a big difference from what I’m doing everyday.

So far it’s been pretty easy not thinking about the gender of this baby, hopefully it stays this easy!

(I promise I’ll take some pictures!)

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 138lbs is what I weighed when I stepped on the scale this morning. I weighed myself on Friday too and I was 138.4 so I guess it’s right LOL. I don’t feel like I’ve gained anything.

MATERNITY CLOTHES: maternity everything! The wedding I worked I wore my maternity black pencil skirt and it was so comfortable!

STRETCH MARKS: no extra ones I’m noticing

SLEEP: Sometimes I get hip pain and have to switch sides but other than that no complaints!

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Sunday when I was able to look back at all I completed for the week! Such a good feeling knowing I completed my to-do list!

MISS ANYTHING: not having to live in the bathroom. Between Saturday and yesterday I swear I spent the majority of my day peeing!

MOVEMENT: this baby moves all day! It’s so fun to feel, can’t wait until my husband can feel “him” move also (he just moved again LOL)



GENDER: my bet is on a boy


SYMPTOMS: heartburn and hip pain

MOOD: hopeful


BELLY BUTTON: the top is trying to poke out and the bottom is way in, very weird looking!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: getting this insurance worked out and meeting with my midwife


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