15 Weeks – Baby #2

This has been a pretty uneventful week especially since I’ve been sick :(. Being pregnant and sick is so hard because there’s really no meds I can take to help me feel better. I’ve been sticking Vicks up my nose, not really, because that somehow makes me feel like I’m “doing” something. On top of being sick it’s been chilly, well for Florida. Florida’s weather is so delusional and it can’t make up it’s mind. We went from 80s to 50s back to 70s down to 40s…you get my drift. I can’t get well or stay well when the weather doesn’t give me a chance.

Other things…I was supposed to have a Dr. appointment on Monday but I have new insurance so I’m switching over to my midwife and I was not feeling the office I was going to. I truly believe that all women should be given the chance to have a natural birth and I don’t feel like that office would have assisted me in getting my VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). I had my c-section because after I was induced days letter nothing was happening and after being full of meds it was time. I still have an issue with it and regret going to the hospital period, and eating that Jimmy Johns sub. I feel like I was set up for failure because Akira was NOT ready and she would not come out no matter what they did because it was not time. I feel like this time even though I’m the perfect candidate for a VBAC that the support in the office is not genuine. My first appointment asking about VBACs I was given a form that they wanted me to sign on the spot. The form stated that I will not get a chance to VBAC after 41 weeks, granted your EDD is +/- 7 days which could really be 40 weeks. The form also included that if I’m not progressing in what they consider fast enough that I will have a c-section. The whole form basically stated they will perform a c-section if they want and I’m not cool with that. I’m going back to the midwife I met with when I had my miscarriage because she does successful VBACs. I would love to go back with Jennie but Florida does not allow them to do VBACs in the birth center…you can only have them at home (Don’t even ask how that makes sense!). All that to say I’m going to try for a HBAC (Home Birth After Cesarean). I’m excited to do it and experience it all…at home with Akira and my husband. I honestly think this experience will be life changing.

At this point in my pregnancy with Akira I was getting ready to find out her sex. This time around we’ve decided to wait until the birth to know what we’re having (We’re crossing our fingers it’s a boy!). I think it will be fun but I really don’t know how easy it will be. It’s been easy enough so far!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 135.4lbs I haven’t gained or lost this week (I weigh as much as I did 22 weeks into my last pregnancy…I guess I never lost weight LOL)

MATERNITY CLOTHES: my belly isn’t big enough to hold up my maternity jeans but they’re too comfortable not to wear

STRETCH MARKS: none yet (fingers crossed)

SLEEP: Since I’ve been sick it’s been hard. My husband said I sounded like a pig last night LOL.

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: spending the weekend with my family…and meeting new family members

MISS ANYTHING: my tastebuds…this is due to me being sick though. I haven’t been able to taste my food since last Saturday and it has SUCKED! I love to eat too much not to be able to enjoy my food.

MOVEMENT: I’ve been feeling flutters in my tummy. Can’t wait for the real movement!



GENDER: I’m still saying he


SYMPTOMS: heartburn

MOOD: sick 😦


BELLY BUTTON: still in, like way in it looks so funny!


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