Another Baby Young on the way!

[Wednesday, October 22, 2014]

OMG!! So I’m writing this post on October 22nd but you guys won’t see it until the New Year…hahaha! I am beyond excited to learn that Leon and I will be having another baby!

My period was 3 days late and I really didn’t think anything of it since one of my calendars said she wasn’t coming until Thursday but Fertility Friend kept insisting that I test. I headed out to the Dollar Store and tested at work, lol yes in the work bathroom! I wanted to get it over with so I could record “negative test.”

I’ve been tempting for a couple months now and it’s been going perfect. Fertility Friend was worth the money and she has always been correct so why didn’t I wanna test? I think deep down I knew that I was pregnant. Last Friday I text Leon saying I’m pregnant because I’ve been eating a lot of broccoli. Yes it was a joke but maybe deep down…way deep down lol I knew!


Back to the test…while I’m washing and drying my hands I couldn’t stop thinking of peeking at the test. I look over with one eye closed, I don’t know why?? And there it was…TWO PINK LINES! I couldn’t stop smiling but then I remembered I’m in the work bathroom and people are probably gonna wonder what I’m doing in there so long! I slip the test in my purse, head in my office and shut the door. I take a picture immediately and send to my husband, he thinks I’m joking! He make me send a picture with my face and the test together hahaha!

So there it is…we are now gonna be mama and dada to another bundle of joy!

Boy or Girl? I really have no preference. A boy would be nice because I don’t have one but a girl would be great too so Akira has a little mini.

How Far Along Are You? I will be 4 weeks tomorrow! (1 month down…8 more to go) but when you guys read this I’ll be 14 weeks, a little over 3 months 🙂

Do You Have Any Names? Umm…not really! I have a notepad with names but I haven’t even thought about it!


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