12 Weeks – Baby #2

[Tuesday, December 16, 2014]

Super Super excited!! I can’t contain my excitement of this new baby! Yesterday was my 12 week appointment and the little one had a heartbeat and I got to see “him” waving his arms! It was such a relief as my previous miscarriage to hear a heartbeat! I also got to speak with the Doctor more about my VBAC option. After the discussion with her I don’t think their office will be able to give me the birth I want. I’m back to a home birth with a midwife. I’m so blessed to have a supportive husband that lets me have the birth I want without any worries.

We announced to the family over Thanksgiving and at our housewarming party. It was so funny how clueless people were especially my parents! I did not end up doing the Christmas announcement I planned because people kept asking if I was pregnant. I of course planned to wait until my second trimester but heard someone mention why not celebrate the the baby and the life they have now. If something did happen at least I’d have the support of all these people! We ended up getting a shirt for Akria that said “Promoted to Big Sister” and then wrote on our chalkboard wall “Tis the season to be preggers.” I love being pregnant and not just for all the free and extra food people give me but because it is really an amazing thing to bring life into this world! Here’s to the countdown…28 weeks left!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: I believe I started at 134 and I weighed in at 138lbs yesterday at the Dr office – 4lbs!

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I’ve been wearing my maternity jeans and leggings since I was around 8 weeks. The bloat has been uncontrollable and I couldn’t fit my regular jeans to begin with LOL

STRETCH MARKS: no extra ones I’ve noticed besides the ones left by Akira

SLEEP: I can only sleep on my left side, which means I never get to see my husband’s face at night because I’m always turned away from him

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: hearing this little one’s heartbeat!

MISS ANYTHING: wine! It’s been so sad LOL not being able to drink during the holidays but I wouldn’t change anything

MOVEMENT: not yet

FOOD CRAVINGS: salt – I’ve been putting salt on everything. I get pickles from Jimmy Johns and add salt to them…I eat tomatoes like they’re going out of style and pack on salt. I know it’s bad so I’m trying to limit myself!

ANYTHING MAKING YOU QUEASY OR SICK: in the mornings I walk around brushing my teeth while packing lunch if I have the toothbrush in my mouth to long I gag! I hate brushing my tongue also but I’m sure that’s a normal way to make you gag when you’re pregnant. Luckily my queasiness is all gone and has been for the last month.

GENDER: we’re planning on waiting until “he” comes out to see…IDK if we’ll make it! We’re both wanting a boy but of course happy with either


SYMPTOMS: heartburn, bloating and extreme sense of smell…oh and the discharge! Ugh I swear it is the worse! I told my Dr they need to come up with a discharge blocker because I’m so tired of wearing liners! If that was TMI for you then you’ve never been pregnant!

MOOD: elated!


BELLY BUTTON: still in


2 thoughts on “12 Weeks – Baby #2

  1. So excited for you! Lol at the discharge. And stay away from the salt especially with your history! The pregnant struggle is real!

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