She’s Here!! My Birth Story!!


Our baby girl has finally arrived.  Akira Taelor was born April 6th at 4am on the dot.  It was a journey but it was worth all the stress and struggle.

On Thursday, April 4th I had an appointment with my midwife for my 38 week check up.  That morning I woke up feeling like my face was swollen.  I sent my husband a picture and he said it looked fine.  I made it to my appointment on time for the first time since my first appointment!  When I took my weight I had gained 6lbs, since my appointment the week before.  When the nurse took my blood pressure it was 160/100, which was bad.  They had me try and relax and took it three more times and each time it was high.  All the while I had a feeling this was a bad sign but still held hope when my midwife came in.  Eventually my midwife came in and told me she was sending me to the hospital.  She wanted them to check me out and hook me up to the machines.  UGH!!  She said they may make me stay and deliver my baby and this was a huge shocker to me.  My day had started off so normal and now I was headed to the hospital to may or may not deliver my baby.  I text my husband to let him know I was going to the hospital and he was a nervous wreck.  My phone only had a 20% charge and he kept texting me.  He was asking what’s wrong, why can’t my midwife fix it…shoot I didn’t know what the problem was I was just following instructions!

I called my cousin and told her to ride with me to get checked out.  I really didn’t think my high BP and swollen feet were anything to stress about so I stopped for lunch at Jimmy Johns.  I know what could be worse than a sub full of salt when you’re going to get your BP checked.  We got to the hospital and within 30 minutes I was in a room in triage.  They found protein in my urine so that combined with the high BP and swollen feet left the Dr. coming in and telling me that she would induce me and start me on magnesium and pitocin.  There I was with my vision of a water birth going down the drain.  I was devastated but nervous and excited all at the same time.  Here I was about to have my baby girl!  The Dr. went ahead and checked me to see how far dilated I was.  I was 3cm dilated so she swept my membranes to help the process.  I called my husband, my mother and my doula…it was GO time!

With my arm hooked to the IV and my husband by my side I was wheeled up to my delivery room.  My mom and doula met us up there and we immediately got to work.  My doula had my husband and I begin exercises to help bring on my labor.  The Dr. decided to let me try and go into labor on my own with pitocin so we had work to do.  We danced, I bounced on the ball and we even tried nipple stimulation.  When the Dr. came back to check I was 5cm dilated…talk about the excitement level rising!  Within a couple hours I had advanced to 5cm, 80% effacement and I was at a -1 station.  We were all expecting a baby within hours and we didn’t get that.

Friday afternoon came and still no baby.  I was getting worried that progress was not happening.  I was still at 5cm and feeling down.  My doula encouraged us to continue with our exercises but nothing helped the process.  The Dr. came and checked me and my water was bulging.  She decided to break my water and that gush was the best feeling I’ve felt in my life!  Once my water was broke I was started on the pitocin and the fun began.  I swear within 10 minutes of them breaking my water I began feeling contractions.  The pitocin was on 20 and I started feeling like I was going to die!!  The contractions were 0 minutes apart and starting piggy backing on each other.  I got no break to take a breath and the pain was unbearable.  All I could think of was my birth plan that I had reviewed with my husband a million times.  The biggest thing on their was NO epidural unless it was an emergency….well this had become an emergency.  All I could see was red and all I could feel was my body dying.  I really felt like I was about to die.  I begged and pleaded with God lol but nothing helped.  I blamed my husband and told him this was all his fault because he got me pregnant.  Then it hit me…I wanted an epidural…I needed that epidural!  I cried telling my husband don’t be mad at me because I couldn’t take the pain.  My mother and doula tried to encourage me to not get it.  They all kept telling me what a good job I was doing but it didn’t matter.  The pain of the contractions had taken over my mind and I was determined to get that epidural.  Within minutes my knights in shining armor came with the epidural.

The one rule with getting an epidural is you have to sit still through the contractions.  I didn’t care what I had to do I just wanted the pain gone!  It’s amazing how I was able to stay still to get the epidural but I couldn’t handle the contractions.  20 minutes later the epidural was in and I was in heaven.  The downside was now my contractions had slowed way down and we ended up back where we were…no progress pass 5cm.  Later Friday night the Dr. came in to discuss my option of a c-section.  I wasn’t ready to give up that fast so we asked for another hour to see if I could dilate anymore.  Well that hour came and nothing happened…I was still 5 cm.  I sat there wondering why did all my plans go awry.  Why couldn’t I get the birth I wanted but then I realized all I wanted was Akira.  I told the doctor ok and they began prepping.

30 minutes later I was being rolled into surgery.  When they rolled me into the room all I saw was bright lights and people.  It was so many people in there and I realized just how serious this was…I was about to undergo major surgery.  They wouldn’t let Leon in until they were fully prepped.  15 minutes later he walked in and sat down next to me.  All I remember is him saying she’s almost here and then I heard her cries.  Despite the terrible pain I was feeling from not being fully numb it all went away in that moment.  When Leon brought Akira to me that was the most perfect moment in my life.  I couldn’t believe that this 6lb 7oz human just came out of me.

All the ups and downs and pains and hurts were worth it.  God blessed Leon and I.




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