37 Weeks


I am officially FULL TERM!!  Hallelujah!  Time is really dwindling and I’m so happy that the end is near.  I can’t wait to meet Akira and can’t wait to be done.  I’ve had an easy pregnancy but the weight gain kills me!  I can’t function this size and I can barely get comfortable to sleep.  Finally this week I had some relief though in the sleeping department.  Wednesday and last night I had the best sleep I’ve experienced in months!  I only got up to pee once which is amazing!

At my appointment yesterday I found out I have the Strep B strain so during labor I’ll be injected every four hours to keep Akira safe.  It doesn’t seem like a huge deal but without that injection it is very serious.  It seems like when you’re pregnant you find out all kinds of stuff is wrong with you smh.  Despite that news everything else came back clear with my last cultures of this pregnancy.  Akira is doing well and growing well.  I’m measuring perfect and her heartbeat is great!  She’s still head down and kicking me ever so enthusiastically!  I guessed Akira would come on April 2nd because that’s when my parents, grandmother and brother will all be out of town.  It would just seem like she’d pick that time to come LOL.  My midwife doubts that it will happen so….here’s to another 2+ weeks of her in my belly!

So excited that I got to speak with my doula this week.  We meet on Tuesday to go over everything.  All of this is really happening!!

This week Leon and I got our room fixed up and the computer room prepared for Akira.  We still have to get the carpet cleaned or do whatever we decide to do whether clean or replace the carpet.  I’ve set up her dresser and changing table/pad.  I washed all the rest of her clothes and have put them away.  Still need to get a bookcase to put up the cloth diapers because they need to be stored.

I keep seeing they say you don’t feel the baby move as much the further along you get because of the lack of space BUT….to me Akira has been moving way more than ever.  I don’t know if it’s because of the lack of space I can feel every movement.  I feel her feet all the time and just rub them out of my rib area so she can move.  Ugh I can’t wait for her to come out so I can see her LOL.

Getting my hair braided next week so that will be one less thing I gotta worry about when Akira comes!  Don’t know how happy I’ll be sitting for about 5 hours to get it done though.

As of today we have 16 days till our EDD! 🙂

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: up 34lbs now

MATERNITY CLOTHES: nothing fits comfortably anymore

STRETCH MARKS: my thighs aren’t getting worse marks so that’s a good thing

SLEEP: Wednesday and Thursday night I had the best sleep I’ve had in months

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: finishing up the dresser/changing table

MISS ANYTHING: drinking! Yes, I said it I’d love to have a margarita right now!

MOVEMENT: all the time

FOOD CRAVINGS: none – got my PF Changs last night thanks to the hubby




SYMPTOMS:  sore vaginal area, swollen feet and exhaustion

MOOD: relaxed



LOOKING FORWARD TO: meeting with my doula


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