36 Weeks

photo 5(5)

Ok, so I know I’m super late with this post because I’m already 37 weeks now.  Lets just say things have been busy!!

My husband and I had our orientation class for giving birth at the birthing center and I must say it has me relaxed.  I’m so excited about how this will all happen and can’t wait to experience that moment when I push Akira out!  I got a lot of helpful little tips and I’m excited about my breastfeeding class this week.

Thursday I took one of Akira’s god moms with me to my midwife appointment.  I got my last cultures done and won’t be having to get my blood drawn anymore!  It’s all a waiting game now from now.  I got checked and my cervix is soft and I’m dilated 1cm!  Yay for progress.  I also noticed Akira dropped a little so that’s progress also.


Our baby shower was such a success!  I have absolutely everything!  I could use another car seat base for my husband’s SUV but that’s it.  I’m so happy with everyone that came and how it turned out.  I was exhausted after though…like completely done!  Gonna make a shutterfly book with our maternity photos ( http://jfuturent.smugmug.com/Photography/Nichole-Young-maternity/28413795_Kq65XG) and the baby shower photos.

photo 3(8)photo 2(8)

hmm…what else is there…oh yea I got my boobies measured!  LOL I’m not a DDD!  Insane!  I also made my fleece liners for the diapers and my padsicles for after I give birth.

I’m just busy getting everything together and getting our room together for Akira.  It’s almost time!!  (I picked for her to come April 2nd because it would be my luck that she’d come when my parents and brother are out of town!)

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 32lbs and I feel each lb!

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I wish I could go naked!

STRETCH MARKS: my poor upper thighs look disgusting

SLEEP: if I didn’t have to worry about peeing every 30 mins I’d be good

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: my baby shower

MISS ANYTHING: being able to lotion myself and not have to take a nap after because it required so much energy

MOVEMENT: all the time

FOOD CRAVINGS: still want my spicy noodles from PF Changs



LABOR SIGNS: back pain and cramping

SYMPTOMS:  sore vaginal area, swollen hands and feet and exhaustion

MOOD: anxious



LOOKING FORWARD TO: breastfeeding class and midwife appointment


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