34 Weeks

photo 1(4)Well this week has been a semi-fun week that included a lot of new experiences!  My husband and I attended our first childbirth class and I must say it was interesting.  I don’t know if the people were more interesting than the stuff we learned though LOL.  In class our teacher taught Leon how to give me a massage and the different areas to touch.  It was fun and he’s tired to give it to me one time since and let’s just say….I have an appointment with Woodhouse next week LOL.  We have class for the rest of the month and then we have our orientation for the birth center.  I’m really excited about that orientation because I’ll learn everything that will go on when I’m giving birth!  I’ve bought my items for my bag and have to get a couple more things for Akira’s baby bag.  I’m so close and I can’t wait to see her!

photo 4(6)I’ve only given one of the Godmom’s their package smh I’m slacking!  Gotta get to finishing the frames and mailing them off by tomorrow.  I’m going to Michael’s today to get the rest of the items.

photo 3(5)photo 2(5)I washed all of my cloth diapers, prefolds, covers  and inserts this week!  It was a lot of took a lot of time.  I stripped them all first and then washed the whole lot.  Stuffing wasn’t bad with the Bumgenius diapers but the Fuzzibunz are harder to stuff.  In all I have 97 items for my fluff stash and I still want a couple more BG 4.0s.

photo 5(4)OMG our maternity photos were so fun!  They came out really good BUT I noticed just how humungous I am and how fat my face is!  I see myself everyday but I don’t notice that I’m so large.  Well after getting my hair and makeup done and putting on a maternity dress I saw it!  The pictures are really cute though with my husband and I…and Akira in my belly.  The props worked out good too so I’m happy about that.

Next week I have my childbirth class, Dr. appointment and my baby shower!! So fun…fun..fun!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: scale at home says 149 so we’ll see the official gain at my Dr. appointment

MATERNITY CLOTHES: struggling these last couple weeks with no clothes!

STRETCH MARKS: on my upper thighs but no where else yet

SLEEP: never get that anymore

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: having one of Akira’s Godmom’s accept our request and taking maternity photos

MISS ANYTHING: putting on lotion with ease

MOVEMENT: all the time





SYMPTOMS:  sore vaginal area, swollen hands and feet and exhaustion

MOOD: happy

WEDDING RINGS: off – forced them on for the maternity photos

BELLY BUTTON: still in

LOOKING FORWARD TO: my shower on Saturday!

36 days left!


2 thoughts on “34 Weeks

  1. My name is Ericka too. Spelled differently, but same pronunciation. I am excited for you and I cannot wait until I get to where you are. I just saw my baby at 12 weeks and I am super excited!

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