33 Weeks

This week was a good week.  I have been feeling good besides the exhaustion and my poor sore vaginal area.  It’s so hard to walk because my hips hurt and my vaginal area is sore beyond belief!!  I had my dr appointment again this week since I’ve been going every two weeks.  It was the fastest appointment I’ve had ever because it’s really nothing but a waiting game now.  I can’t wait till I go and they actually check my cervix!  I’m hoping that might happen at my next appointment…IDK why I’m excited about that LOL.  My next appointment will also be my last time going every two weeks and I’ll start going every week which makes me realize how close I am to having Akira in my arms!  I can’t believe I’ve gained 26.5lbs but I really do believe it’s mostly in my boobs and belly because I’m not really bigger anywhere else.  I also don’t think the measurements are really accurate because it doesn’t take into account how much my clothes weigh…listen I’m trying to come up with an excuse on why I gained so much weight LOL.

I have my maternity photo shoot next week and I’m so excited!  I wanted to have a couple props and went on etsy to order….now I’m thinking I should get my own etsy shop and sell what I make!  photo 4(1) photo 5(1)I made some blocks with Akira’s name and a canvas to hang above her crib.  They both came out great…now my husband wants to do one to prove that he can do better smh.  So if you or anyone is interested let me know because I can create one for you!  My husband and I also decided on Godparents.  photo 1Akira will have two Godmoms and a separate couple as her Godparents…if they all say yes.  I wanted a creative way to ask them so I made these frames and put a special poem in them asking.  We’ll see what they say!  So this week has been a crafty week 🙂

My mother has been crocheting for a couple months now and has finished one of Akira’s blankets.  She’s still working on the last one, which is orange and blue (Go Gators!) and now a boob beanie!  I can’t wait to wear my boob beanie when Akira’s breastfeeding in public haha.  I’m also in the process of working on her coming home outfit.  I have a lady who is making the gown for me and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 26.5lbs smh…I am now 150.5lbs.  My husband felt my breasts and said they have to weigh at least 10lbs alone lol

MATERNITY CLOTHES: my gap maternity leggins are the only thing that fits…I have no shirts now so decided to hit up Target clearance.  I got a couple for $5 to last me these couple weeks

STRETCH MARKS: I’m sad to say I got some marks on my upper thighs 😦

SLEEP: smh really haven’t had a full nights rest in months due to this excessive peeing and not being able to get comfortable

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: making my items for Akira


MOVEMENT: she doesn’t stop

FOOD CRAVINGS: not a craving but I really wanted some Krispy Kreme donuts and garlic crabs




SYMPTOMS:  sore vaginal area and my fingers are swollen everyday

MOOD: anxious


BELLY BUTTON: it’s still in so I’m guessing it won’t pop out

LOOKING FORWARD TO: washing my cloth diapers next week…Eeek!!


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