Meal Look Back :)

So January 14th I changed my mind on my plan and cooked something different.  I made macaroni and cheese, roasted broccoli and crispy cheddar chicken.  Let’s just say it was cheese overload LOL.

The macaroni and cheese was so easy and so good! Everyone enjoyed it and it was something out of the norm.  All you need is 1 can creamed corn, 1 can sweet corn, 1 stick light margarine, elbow macaroni (depends on your family size), 1 cup velveeta. Don’t drain any cans. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cook in crockpot until noodles are done.  It was fast, easy and delicious!

image(4) image(5)

The brocoli was the best I’ve ever had and I hate brocoli.  Lemon, EVOO, salt, pepper and parmesean cheese is all I needed.


Now the chicken was not my favorite but everyone else loved it.  It was fun to make but messy! It’s a great meal for when you have kids and it’s great to have them involved.  photo(11)


I guess it would have been good if I had pictures of the end results LOL.  Just know it was good 🙂


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