29 Weeks Down!!

At my Dr. appointment

At my Dr. appointment

This has been a fun week for baby girl and I! I had my appointment with my midwife on Tuesday and it went well.  Baby girl is breeched which I took hard because there’s no sure fire thing for me to do.  My midwife did give me tips to help her move and there’s still time for her to move positions.  I also received paperwork to fill out in time for my next appointment that has to do with me delivering at the center.  Yes, I’m delivering my baby at a birth center drug free, Lord’s willing!  The paperwork had to do with the birth certificate, pediatrician information and stuff about orientation.  The paperwork for the birth certificate includes me having to write down her name.  SMH I still haven’t decided on a first name for her which makes me realize how close I’m getting.

After my appointment I went on a mini shopping spree for our baby girl.  I ended up at Once Upon a Child, Mom’s Attic and Target.  I got her some super cute outfits, sleepers, a boppy and a swing.  The swing is actually the first item she’s gotten that isn’t clothes LOL.  I think one of those outfits will actually be used for my brother’s college graduation…it’s such a cute dress!

THE dress...got it for $4.50!

THE dress…got it for $4.50!

Saturday I got a text from my nurse which put me in an excellent mood! I passed my 3hr glucose test! Hallelujah!  I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t pass because I sure couldn’t stick myself every couple hours.  Also on Saturday my mother and I went looking at a puppy and we’re gonna get him.  He is too cute I can’t wait to bring him home next week!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: official scale at the dr’s office says 143…weight gain total of 19lbs

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Mainly leggins and tanks.  This unpredictable FL weather has brought the heat!


SLEEP: better than last week

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: hearing baby girl’s heartbeat

MISS ANYTHING: not having to sit on a pillow when I’m on the couch to avoid hip pain

MOVEMENT: even the midwife said she’s a active girl


ANYTHING MAKING YOU QUEASY OR SICK: my prenatals and iron pills…kept throwing up every time I took one


LABOR SIGNS: none really

SYMPTOMS: braxton hicks

MOOD: annoyed but happy

WEDDING RINGS: OFF! They were too tight on and now it was too hard to get off

BELLY BUTTON: it’s closed but only the top part is sticking out

LOOKING FORWARD TO: being 30 weeks and 75% done!

73 more days 🙂


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