3rd Trimester!

3rd Trimester!

Well…well…the time has finally come! I am in my third trimester!  I must say looking back that I can’t believe it was all the way in August that I first found out I was pregnant.  It seems like it was just the other day I decided to take a pregnancy test. Back CameraWhat started off as a joke has turned into a beautiful blessing.  I wonder if I didn’t decide to just play around with the pee test how long it would have taken me to realize I was pregnant.  I remember how I told my parents and brother and how my mother didn’t even get it LOL…look at the picture below!

Announcing to my parents!

Announcing to my parents!

I think with the beginning of my final trimester I’m looking back and realizing what an amazing experience this has been.  With the pain and discomfort my husband has always reminded me of the blessing we will be welcoming into this world. This week I’ve managed to register for classes which my husband and I will take in March.  We’ve registered for “Happiest Baby on the Block” and the Lamaze class.  I never realized that the Lamaze classes were so long, it’s 4 weeks for 3 hours a week.  I’m so excited to be able to share that experience with my husband because I know it will bring us closer together.  This week I also took my glucose test and FAILED! I can’t believe I failed it so now I have to schedule to take the 3 hour test 😦  Besides that bad moment my mother and I went to Joann’s and bought fabric to make crib sheets.  I love the patterns I picked because they are exactly what I envisioned!  I love animals…elephants, giraffes, birds, owls…they’re too cute!!image image(1)

Well here’s to the last trimester!

Big Belly Girl :)

Big Belly Girl 🙂

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: scale at the birthing center says 138.5 – weight gain of 14.5lbs so far

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I’ve been able to wear some of my sweatshirts and they fit so I’ve been happy about that.  My gap maternity leggins are still my absolute favorite!


SLEEP: OMG! I haven’t been able to get no sleep.  I’ve been using the heating pad every night smh. Oh and the acid relux…no words

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: knowing I hit my third trimester!

MISS ANYTHING: a nice glass of wine

MOVEMENT: she’s always having a party in my belly

FOOD CRAVINGS: none…I’m a little disappointed LOL



LABOR SIGNS: lots of braxton hicks

SYMPTOMS: hip pain

MOOD: excited…I’m overwhelmed with anticipation


BELLY BUTTON: the top is sticking out LOL

LOOKING FORWARD TO: going to my midwife every two weeks!

86 little days left 🙂


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