This week has been a dull one…can’t really say anything exciting happened with our baby girl.  She’s growing and kicking which is all good!  The hubby and I went and registered at Target, Babies R Us and MacroBaby.  It was pretty overwhelming and I really didn’t like much in the store or the prices.  I found everything I wanted on Amazon for way cheaper!  I decided to register exclusively online at Amazon.  I will be cloth diapering so I also did a cloth diaper registry with Kelly’s Closet.  Next week I have my glucose test which I pray I pass!  My midwife has given me some things to restrict for three days before the test…everything I eat is on the restricted list lol.  Also, I’m going to buy the yarn this weekend to start crocheting which has been so hard for me to get one stitch smh.  Still no first name for our baby girl.  I can’t find something I love that also has a meaning I love.  Hopefully within the next couple weeks I get it together!

My Old Navy maternity sundress

My Old Navy maternity sundress

I could not pass this cardigan up, especially for $9!

I could not pass this cardigan up, especially for $9!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 137.2 says the scale at the house, which is less than last week

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Finally wore one of the maternity dresses I bought from Old Navy back in October.  It’s a sundress…only in FL can I wear a sundress in January.  My brother said I looked like an old lady in the dress smh

STRETCH MARKS: non-existent!

SLEEP: This week sleep has been hard! I’ve been using the heating pad every night now for my hips

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: hitting up Target, Babies R Us and Macrobaby to register for our baby girl with the husband

MISS ANYTHING: living without hip pain

MOVEMENT: she’s rolling around right now!

FOOD CRAVINGS: still no cravings

ANYTHING MAKING YOU QUEASY OR SICK: right after I eat or drink something if I bend down…I throw up in my mouth hahaha…very gross!


LABOR SIGNS: braxton hicks

SYMPTOMS: hip stretching, cramps and round ligament pain

MOOD: happy! We’re getting so close!

WEDDING RINGS: off but they can be on

BELLY BUTTON: still in but barely

LOOKING FORWARD TO: planning my baby shower!

93 days to go!


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