Happy New Year!! This will be another exciting year filled with love and many firsts!  I’m in the single digits now and with counting down to my EDD.  I spent NYE with shebaby playing on the swings, baking cinnamon rolls and making homemade pizza.  We decided to keep her in our room and not worry with a whole nursery now.  It will be cost effective but we have to rearrange our room to fit her crib in there.  I bought her a couple more outfits from Target yesterday because of a sale, they were all 9-12 months.



TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 141.2 says the scale at the house

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I attempted to wear regular pants which was a bad idea – I’m still able to wear non-maternity shirts

STRETCH MARKS: none still! I stay lotioned up!

SLEEP: smh none for the last couple nights – so uncomfortable even with the pillow

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: hitting 100 days left to countdown


MOVEMENT: she’s a busy bee like always

FOOD CRAVINGS: no cravings just wants

ANYTHING MAKING YOU QUEASY OR SICK: yes I decided to play on the swing set and I felt so yuck after!


LABOR SIGNS: some braxton hicks

SYMPTOMS: hip stretching, cramps and round ligament pain

MOOD: moody but happy

WEDDING RINGS: on but snug

BELLY BUTTON: the top is sticking out lol

LOOKING FORWARD TO: rearranging the room and picking a first name!

99 days left!


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