39 Weeks – Baby #2

Can you believe I’m 39 weeks?!? I can’t, I never made it this far with Akira so it is pretty exciting to me! I’ve had so much go on and now I can relax and just wait on baby to come. I had my last wedding on Saturday and it went excellent! I can now officially give birth!

Yesterday I had my chiropractor appointment, which I always feel great after, and my midwife appointment. I found out that baby is in the optimal fetal position, LOA, which is so amazing! My midwife and I discussed using the word intensity over pain when it comes to labor. It is all new to me so it will be an experience. I am really not worried about the intensity as much as I am embracing the experience. I know labor is work and because of that I’m not bothered…lol right now! I have been doing all my exercises given to me by my doulas and midwife as I am trying to be as prepared as possible!

After my appointment yesterday I headed home because I left some cantaloupe on the counter and I didn’t want it to spoil. I got home and suddenly felt like my stomach was going to explode…and then I pooped. I swear it came out of nowhere! I spent my whole day yesterday running to the toilet…and then I decided to eat a whole pineapple which I heard gives you the poops and can help with your cervix to start labor. I spent the majority of the day going from my birth ball to the bathroom and had braxton hicks/contractions all day. They didn’t intensify or get closer together so baby has decided “he” is not ready.

We’ve finally picked a boy name, which we will announce once baby is born. No girl name still so that means no girl needs to slide out LOL.

The house is getting a real cleaning tomorrow and I’m so happy it doesn’t have to be done by me. We’re preparing the space for the baby in our room and I’ve also cleared out space in Akira’s room for when “he” moves out of our room. My aunt got me a mini crib, which is like a mini pack and play/bassinet, that Leon will put together today. I still have a couple items on my birth list to get like bleach, snacks for the midwife and doulas, heating pad….and then I have stuff I still need to get for the baby like some more medela bottles and nipples (I thought I had from Akira but I guess I did not save them!), a ring sling (going to purchase one from Cynthia K.), some swaddles (I seriously need to purchase these soon!), and a bathtub! I did not have a shower…or sprinkle this time because I had a wedding booked that day so I need to get these items myself ASAP! As I sit here typing I really should go and order it from Amazon smh…but I won’t LOL because I’m a procrastinator.

Thursday is my 30th birthday. I really cannot believe I’m going to be 30, at least I accomplished everything from my 5 year plan. I’m still disappointed that I have absolutely nothing planned and it will be like any other day…and if you know me you know I like to celebrate my birthday! Ah well I guess those are the things that come along with kids.

Hopefully the next time I blog it will be because baby #2 is here! *cross those fingers*

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 159lbs – 25lbs gained

MATERNITY CLOTHES: of course, I’m actually running out of things to wear because even the maternity clothes aren’t fitting anymore

STRETCH MARKS: way more than with Akira!

SLEEP: Huh? What is sleep? Seriously I feel like I can never get enough but I can’t sleep in either

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: finding out baby is in the perfect birthing position

MISS ANYTHING: my hips not hurting all the time

MOVEMENT: I feel rolls now not so much kicking…even though “he” did kick me in my ribs last week



GENDER: we’ll know soon!

LABOR SIGNS: yup a lot of braxton hicks (having one right now!)…and diarrhea (ugh)

SYMPTOMS: I heard diarrhea is a symptom so we’ll see lol

MOOD: anxious and excited


BELLY BUTTON: it’s poking out just a little bit

LOOKING FORWARD TO: baby coming soon!


37 Weeks – Baby #2

Crazy that know that I am finally 37 weeks! Crazy to know that with Akira I had her at 38 weeks! Crazy to know that with Akira I had gained 34lbs by this week and this baby I just made it to 20. Crazy to know that this is all so real and happening very soon! It’s all just crazy…but that is how pregnancy goes.

I’ve started meeting my midwife every week now and we had a successful home visit last week. Baby’s back is to my side so we just need him to continue moving and get that back to my belly and we’ll be good. He’s head down (don’t mind me saying he, it’s still a mystery!) and in a good position there’s just a better position he should be in. My midwife has given me a lot of exercises to do to help in him moving and I started visiting the chiropractor today. I’m taking all the necessary steps to give myself a VBAC.

My insurance is sending me a letter this week to let me know the status of my appeal, I can’t wait for it to be over and done with because it has me stressed. I’m trying to keep my stress levels down so my BP can stay down but geez I need the insurance company to get it together! Next week I need an answer because time is definitely ticking. Paying out of pocket has been hard but it will be nice to know I don’t owe anyone.

I’m ready for this baby to come anytime after next weekend!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 154lbs – 20lbs up

MATERNITY CLOTHES: maternity dresses are life savers especially in this Florida heat!

STRETCH MARKS: Yes all around but I’m not concerned, I’ll still put on my bikini

SLEEP: I can’t get comfortable but once I do I’m out, until I have to pee or until my hips start hurting and I have to switch sides

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: reaching full term!

MISS ANYTHING: I could definitely use some wine or a margarita!

MOVEMENT: non-stop craziness going on in my belly, this hiccups are the craziest because it’s just constant



GENDER: we’re still team green!

LABOR SIGNS: been having some braxton hicks

SYMPTOMS: crampy feelings

MOOD: stressed and anxious


BELLY BUTTON: it’s not going to come out, it’s just sitting on the surface of my belly

LOOKING FORWARD TO: 38 weeks and not having to go into work

33 Weeks – Baby #2

Here’s to me being happy about my delivery again!

You know what sucks, unexpected expenses! Got my bill for our home birth and it really crushed me. I mean I knew this was the route I wanted to take but in the beginning of this pregnancy I wasn’t expecting to have to pay for EVERYTHING out of pocket. I just got a call from the pharmacy that a shot I have to get is ready and it is $178….Ugh! Even though the costs get me down I can’t help but be excited because I am so close to meeting this baby and getting the birth I deserve. It’s sad that I’ve had to go through so much just to give birth naturally. I normally wouldn’t do this but I decided why not…I’ve gone ahead and gotten a Go Fund Me account. The worse is we raise no money and I don’t mind trying to get what little we can get, seriously people have reached their goals to go on spring break and all kinds of unnecessary things. So here’s to hoping!

I had my first appointment this week with my home birth midwife and it was great! I got to feel the baby’s head, which is head down and we did some exercise to get baby to turn the correct way. Notice how I keep saying baby LOL because we still have no boy or girl names lined up! My midwife has me doing and taking a lot of natural vitamins and probiotics and it’s just what I want. I hate the thought of filling my body with chemicals and starting this baby on all kinds of drugs. Our next appointment will be a home visit so I need to start collecting my supplies ASAP!

This pregnancy has been excellent, I have no swelling and no huge weight gain. I’ve been eating way better and moving around way more. the goal is to keep healthy so I can birth this baby naturally!

Here’s the gofundme link if you’re interested: http://www.gofundme.com/uycnmg

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 151lbs – 17lbs up

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I don’t know anything that is not maternity! I love the comfort of my maternity clothes!

STRETCH MARKS: Yes, I see them coming up all over my tummy but I could care less this time around

SLEEP: I’ve been dealing with insomnia and have been exhausted. Around 2-3pm I just want to crawl under my desk and nap

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: meeting with my new midwife


MOVEMENT: all the time and the hiccups are really constant and count as movement because it keeps my tummy jumping



GENDER: we’re still team green!


SYMPTOMS: oh my poor vagina muscles, my cervix is softening I’ve been told but geez it hurts so much to walk

MOOD: happy and anxious

WEDDING RINGS: on…well my wedding band (still haven’t located my engagement ring)

BELLY BUTTON: it’s not in but not out, it’s just sitting on the surface LOL

LOOKING FORWARD TO: my next midwife appointment

32 Weeks – Baby #2

Home birth is back on! Sometimes you meet people that are the right people and tell you the right things…that is exactly what my doula did for me! My doula encouraged me to go back to the midwife and try and see what we could work out so that I could attempt to get the birth I envisioned. Today I met with the midwife and I am back on to get my HBAC! I am so excited and was so happy when I met her, she is such a sweet person. We went over a lot of information and I am beyond ready for the experience. (And please keep your comments to yourself because I could care less if you think I should have my baby at home!)

Meeting my doula was amazing also because she was so down to earth and had so many tips and ideas. I am so happy I found her and that she will be with me and teach me so much. I’m meeting with the birth photographer next week because really who wants to have an amazing experience like a home birth and not document it?!?

Here’s to me being happy about my delivery again!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 150lbs – 16lbs up

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I found a bunch of dress pants and dresses that I bought before that will definitely come in handy these last couple weeks

STRETCH MARKS: since I can’t see them I’ll say they aren’t there, well at least not anymore than I had

SLEEP: I don’t know what that word is. I seriously have such a hard time falling asleep and I wake so easily these days

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: meeting with my new midwife that will help me accomplish my HBAC goal!


MOVEMENT: all the time, I would seriously believe that there is more than one baby in there

FOOD CRAVINGS: watermelon


GENDER: I’ve been saying boy but thinking what if she’s really a she

LABOR SIGNS: braxton hicks every now and then, especially at night

SYMPTOMS: my vagina muscles are so sore and I had lightening crotch the other day…seriously holy HE double hockey sticks!

MOOD: the weight gain has been difficult and it’s been hard adjusting to doing things outside the house this time around. With Akira I was at home but this has been a change

WEDDING RINGS: off and I still haven’t found my engagement ring

BELLY BUTTON: not all the way out yet

LOOKING FORWARD TO: meeting the birth photographer

30 Weeks – Baby #2

Pregnancy is NOT easy! While I love being pregnant, IDK why I just feel extra beautiful, but it is definitely hard. The weight gain alone has me down. I can’t just roll over in bed or jump up to pee, it takes real work. Not complaining, just stating the facts.

This pregnancy has also been a roller coaster. Every time I think things are good something pops up. I am now back to having my VBAC at the hospital, too much round and round with the insurance company so I won’t be having that home birth after all. In the beginning I was so frustrated with the insurance company and actually cried but now I’m content with my birth option and just want to have a TOLAC and hopefully a successful VBAC. I hate the constant battle I have to go through to have a vaginal birth. In a couple weeks I have to go the hospital for a consultation, for them to basically say yes or no. I’m not going to dwell on it right now, I’m just working on maintaining my healthy pregnancy so they have no reason to try and say no.

I’m meeting a doula tomorrow who I’m pretty convinced I will hire. When we spoke I immediately felt like she was the one, and she has come highly recommended. My goal was to have someone who has VBAC experience at the hospital because I have heard that it is sometimes a battle there.

All in all this was a good week, 10 weeks (give or take) to go! I was measuring a month ahead at my 28 week appointment but now I’m just a week ahead so we’re back on schedule!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 149lbs..15lbs gained

MATERNITY CLOTHES: that’s all I wear these days, thankfully I’ve gotten a lot of cute dresses at Target. Crazy thing is I would never spend that much on a dress if I wasn’t pregnant!

STRETCH MARKS: I’m sure they’re there I just can’t see them, my view is somewhat impaired these days

SLEEP: I can just cry because I cannot get comfortable and it sucks! I’ve tried everything, I’m really at the point of who created sleep anyway?!

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: hearing this little one’s heartbeat at my appointment with the midwife


MOVEMENT: always, I swear it feels like this baby has 50 arms and legs because my stomach is always moving 100 different ways



GENDER: all the old people I meet say BOY

LABOR SIGNS: the braxton hicks have begun

SYMPTOMS: hip pain, my vagina muscles are so sore and hurt like heck and those braxton hicks get my tummy so tight

MOOD: I’m truly exhausted, it’s really hard to function off a little sleep and have these extra pounds weigh me down

WEDDING RINGS: off, and I lost my engagement ring 😦

BELLY BUTTON: piece is sticking out lol

LOOKING FORWARD TO: meeting my doula this week!

22 Weeks – Baby #2

Things have been looking up for me doctor wise, which is very good! I am back to seeing my midwife that I had with Akira and in May I will switch over to my midwife for my HBAC (Home Birth After C-section). I have improved on my eating habits and my exercise habits. I’m really trying to do everything I can to have the birth I want. I am looking into hypnobirthing and I’m anxious to see exactly what it’s all about.

I will be headed out of the country in a couple weeks, yes 24 weeks pregnant haha. I can’t wait to be on vacation and enjoy my family. I guarantee that I will have gained approximately 5lbs from the food I plan on eating! Since I will be in the Caribbean and doing a lot of walking I looked into getting some shorts, maternity of course. Target had some which I ended up getting a good deal on for $18. They’re a little saggy but I’m sure I’ll fill them out in a couple weeks.

I had my appointment with my midwife last week and got the paperwork to get my anatomy scan done, little did I know I’d be able to do it the same day. I asked my husband if he was okay with not being there since we aren’t finding out the sex anyway and he was fine with it. I actually slept through the scan LOL, it’s that 2-3pm window! At the end the tech showed me the baby and the heart and I was overjoyed. She knew I didn’t want to know the sex so she only showed me belly up. Looking at the picture of the face (mouth and nose) it looks NOTHING like Akira did. The lips and nose are so big LOL! To me the picture looks like a boy but really who can tell from an ultrasound?!?!


image (3)

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 144lbs..10lbs gained

MATERNITY CLOTHES: I got a couple maternity tanks for vacation and I wish I had all maternity shirts, they aren’t snug and are so comfortable! My swimsuit is so funny looking on me LOL but it fits, thanks ASOS!

STRETCH MARKS: no extra ones I can see

SLEEP: It is so hard to get comfortable some nights. I have slept straight up for 2 nights straight because of my acid reflux

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: getting my anatomy scan done and seeing a healthy baby

MISS ANYTHING: being able to take allergy medicine

MOVEMENT: so very much! I don’t think Akira moved around like this so early on.



GENDER: my bet is on a boy


SYMPTOMS: hip pain, acid reflux, just plain tired around 2-3pm

MOOD: happy

WEDDING RINGS: on but they were off last week, they’re beginning to irritate me sometimes

BELLY BUTTON: it’s not in but it’s not all the way out yet

LOOKING FORWARD TO: getting this maternity swimsuit!

19 Weeks – Baby #2

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 140lbs..so 6lbs gained so far

MATERNITY CLOTHES: All of my pants are maternity. I just ordered a maternity swimsuit…lol it should be interesting!

STRETCH MARKS: no extra ones

SLEEP: The hip pain has started back so it’s hard to get comfortable on either side..and I’ve been peeing all night!

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: having Akira feel the baby move

MISS ANYTHING: not having acid reflux when I eat chipotle

MOVEMENT: of course! “He” moved the most when I ate some girl scout cookies



GENDER: my bet is on a boy


SYMPTOMS: hip pain

MOOD: indifferent


BELLY BUTTON: it’s trying to escape my belly!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: getting this maternity swimsuit!

17 Weeks – Baby #2

So I’m behind a week, I’ll actually be 18 weeks tomorrow! Seriously the time has been flying now!

This past week has been a busy one with work, a bridal show and a wedding! It was my first time being noticeably pregnant and working a wedding. Everything went well without a hitch which I was very pleased with. I did notice that I got tired very fast and I need to carry a lot of water next time. Once I got home my hips were hurting very bad. I attempted to pick up Akira and almost fell because it felt like one of my hips went out! Gotta work on walking so that each wedding won’t be a big difference from what I’m doing everyday.

So far it’s been pretty easy not thinking about the gender of this baby, hopefully it stays this easy!

(I promise I’ll take some pictures!)

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 138lbs is what I weighed when I stepped on the scale this morning. I weighed myself on Friday too and I was 138.4 so I guess it’s right LOL. I don’t feel like I’ve gained anything.

MATERNITY CLOTHES: maternity everything! The wedding I worked I wore my maternity black pencil skirt and it was so comfortable!

STRETCH MARKS: no extra ones I’m noticing

SLEEP: Sometimes I get hip pain and have to switch sides but other than that no complaints!

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Sunday when I was able to look back at all I completed for the week! Such a good feeling knowing I completed my to-do list!

MISS ANYTHING: not having to live in the bathroom. Between Saturday and yesterday I swear I spent the majority of my day peeing!

MOVEMENT: this baby moves all day! It’s so fun to feel, can’t wait until my husband can feel “him” move also (he just moved again LOL)



GENDER: my bet is on a boy


SYMPTOMS: heartburn and hip pain

MOOD: hopeful


BELLY BUTTON: the top is trying to poke out and the bottom is way in, very weird looking!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: getting this insurance worked out and meeting with my midwife

15 Weeks – Baby #2

This has been a pretty uneventful week especially since I’ve been sick :(. Being pregnant and sick is so hard because there’s really no meds I can take to help me feel better. I’ve been sticking Vicks up my nose, not really, because that somehow makes me feel like I’m “doing” something. On top of being sick it’s been chilly, well for Florida. Florida’s weather is so delusional and it can’t make up it’s mind. We went from 80s to 50s back to 70s down to 40s…you get my drift. I can’t get well or stay well when the weather doesn’t give me a chance.

Other things…I was supposed to have a Dr. appointment on Monday but I have new insurance so I’m switching over to my midwife and I was not feeling the office I was going to. I truly believe that all women should be given the chance to have a natural birth and I don’t feel like that office would have assisted me in getting my VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). I had my c-section because after I was induced days letter nothing was happening and after being full of meds it was time. I still have an issue with it and regret going to the hospital period, and eating that Jimmy Johns sub. I feel like I was set up for failure because Akira was NOT ready and she would not come out no matter what they did because it was not time. I feel like this time even though I’m the perfect candidate for a VBAC that the support in the office is not genuine. My first appointment asking about VBACs I was given a form that they wanted me to sign on the spot. The form stated that I will not get a chance to VBAC after 41 weeks, granted your EDD is +/- 7 days which could really be 40 weeks. The form also included that if I’m not progressing in what they consider fast enough that I will have a c-section. The whole form basically stated they will perform a c-section if they want and I’m not cool with that. I’m going back to the midwife I met with when I had my miscarriage because she does successful VBACs. I would love to go back with Jennie but Florida does not allow them to do VBACs in the birth center…you can only have them at home (Don’t even ask how that makes sense!). All that to say I’m going to try for a HBAC (Home Birth After Cesarean). I’m excited to do it and experience it all…at home with Akira and my husband. I honestly think this experience will be life changing.

At this point in my pregnancy with Akira I was getting ready to find out her sex. This time around we’ve decided to wait until the birth to know what we’re having (We’re crossing our fingers it’s a boy!). I think it will be fun but I really don’t know how easy it will be. It’s been easy enough so far!

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: 135.4lbs I haven’t gained or lost this week (I weigh as much as I did 22 weeks into my last pregnancy…I guess I never lost weight LOL)

MATERNITY CLOTHES: my belly isn’t big enough to hold up my maternity jeans but they’re too comfortable not to wear

STRETCH MARKS: none yet (fingers crossed)

SLEEP: Since I’ve been sick it’s been hard. My husband said I sounded like a pig last night LOL.

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: spending the weekend with my family…and meeting new family members

MISS ANYTHING: my tastebuds…this is due to me being sick though. I haven’t been able to taste my food since last Saturday and it has SUCKED! I love to eat too much not to be able to enjoy my food.

MOVEMENT: I’ve been feeling flutters in my tummy. Can’t wait for the real movement!



GENDER: I’m still saying he


SYMPTOMS: heartburn

MOOD: sick 😦


BELLY BUTTON: still in, like way in it looks so funny!

14 Weeks – Baby #2

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN: scale says 135lbs so that would mean I lost weight

MATERNITY CLOTHES: Still in my maternity jeans and tights, they keep me comfortable

STRETCH MARKS: none that I’ve noticed yet

SLEEP: Once I fall asleep I’m fine but getting to sleep is so difficult if I’m bloated

BEST MOMENT OF THE WEEK: announcing to everyone

MISS ANYTHING: being discharge free!

MOVEMENT: I felt a flutter this week but no big movements yet


ANYTHING MAKING YOU QUEASY OR SICK: nope I’m feeling good these days

GENDER: I’m still saying he…we’ll see when he comes!


SYMPTOMS: heartburn and bloating

MOOD: tired


BELLY BUTTON: still in